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Référence du fichier utf8.php

Espaces de nommage

namespace  utf8


if(!defined('UTF8')) if(extension_loaded('mbstring')) $UTF8_ar = array()
 if (!defined('UTF8_CORE'))

Documentation des variables

if (!defined('UTF8')) if (extension_loaded('mbstring')) $UTF8_ar = array()

Put the current directory in this constant If string overloading is active, it will break many of the native implementations. mbstring.func_overload must be set to 0, 1 or 4 in php.ini (string overloading disabled). Also need to check we have the correct internal mbstring encoding Check whether PCRE has been compiled with UTF-8 support


Load the smartest implementations of utf8_strpos, utf8_strrpos and utf8_substr Load the native implementation of utf8_substr_replace