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Référence de la classe FOFUtilsUpdateJoomla
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Fonctions membres publiques

 getUpdateSourceFromCollection ($url, $jVersion=null)
 getVersionProperties ($jVersion, $currentVersion=null)
 filterApplicableUpdates ($updates, $jVersion=null)
 sanitiseVersion ($version)
 getUpdates ($sources=array(), $jVersion=null)

Attributs protégés statiques

static $lts_url = ''
static $sts_url = ''
static $test_url = ''

Description détaillée

A helper class which provides update information for the Joomla! CMS itself. This is slightly different than the regular "extension" files as we need to know if a Joomla! version is STS, LTS, testing, current and so on.

Documentation des fonctions membres

◆ filterApplicableUpdates()

filterApplicableUpdates (   $updates,
  $jVersion = null 

Filters a list of updates, making sure they apply to the specifed CMS release.

array$updatesA list of update records returned by the getUpdatesFromExtension method
string$jVersionThe current Joomla! version number
array A filtered list of updates. Each update record also includes version relevance information.

◆ getUpdates()

getUpdates (   $sources = array(),
  $jVersion = null 

Reloads the list of all updates available for the specified Joomla! version from the network.

array$sourcesThe enabled sources to look into
string$jVersionThe Joomla! version we are checking updates for
array A list of updates for the installed, current, lts and sts versions

Références $section, $url, $value, et elseif.

◆ getUpdateSourceFromCollection()

getUpdateSourceFromCollection (   $url,
  $jVersion = null 

Reads a "collection" XML update source and picks the correct source URL for the extension update source.

string$urlThe collection XML update source URL to read from
string$jVersionJoomla! version to fetch updates for, or null to use JVERSION
string The URL of the extension update source, or empty if no updates are provided / fetching failed

Références $url.

◆ getVersionProperties()

getVersionProperties (   $jVersion,
  $currentVersion = null 

Determines the properties of a version: STS/LTS, normal or testing

string$jVersionThe version number to check
string$currentVersionThe current Joomla! version number
array The properties analysis

Références elseif.

◆ sanitiseVersion()

sanitiseVersion (   $version)

Joomla! has a lousy track record in naming its alpha, beta and release candidate releases. The convention used seems to be "what the hell the current package maintainer thinks looks better". This method tries to figure out what was in the mind of the maintainer and translate the funky version number to an actual PHP-format version string.

string$versionThe whatever-format version number
string A standard formatted version number

Références $version, et elseif.

Documentation des champs

◆ $lts_url

$lts_url = ''

◆ $sts_url

$sts_url = ''

◆ $test_url

$test_url = ''

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