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Documentation des API du CMS Joomla en version 3.8.5 et du framework Joomla Platform intégré
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 $modalClasses = array('modal', 'hide')
if(!isset($params['animation'])|| $params['animation']) $modalWidth = isset($params['modalWidth']) ? round((int) $params['modalWidth'], -1) : ''
if($modalWidth && $modalWidth > 0 && $modalWidth<=100) $modalAttributes
if(isset($params['backdrop'])) if(isset($params['keyboard'])) $script [] = "jQuery(document).ready(function($) {"
if(isset($params['url'])) else
 if (!isset( $params[ 'closeButton'])||isset( $params[ 'title'])||$params[ 'closeButton'])

Documentation des variables

◆ $modalAttributes

if ( $modalWidth &&$modalWidth > 0 &&$modalWidth<=100) $modalAttributes
Valeur initiale :
= array(
'tabindex' => '-1',
'class' => implode(' ', $modalClasses)
Definition: main.php:40

◆ $modalClasses

$modalClasses = array('modal', 'hide')

Layout variables

string$selectorUnique DOM identifier for the modal. CSS id without #
array$paramsModal parameters. Default supported parameters:
  • title string The modal title
  • backdrop mixed A boolean select if a modal-backdrop element should be included (default = true) The string 'static' includes a backdrop which doesn't close the modal on click.
  • keyboard boolean Closes the modal when escape key is pressed (default = true)
  • closeButton boolean Display modal close button (default = true)
  • animation boolean Fade in from the top of the page (default = true)
  • url string URL of a resource to be inserted as an <iframe> inside the modal body
  • height string height of the <iframe> containing the remote resource
  • width string width of the <iframe> containing the remote resource
  • bodyHeight int Optional height of the modal body in viewport units (vh)
  • modalWidth int Optional width of the modal in viewport units (vh)
  • footer string Optional markup for the modal footer
string$bodyMarkup for the modal body. Appended after the <iframe> if the URL option is set

◆ $modalWidth

if (!isset( $params[ 'animation'])||$params[ 'animation']) $modalWidth = isset($params['modalWidth']) ? round((int) $params['modalWidth'], -1) : ''

◆ $script

$script[] = "jQuery(document).ready(function($) {"

These lines below are for disabling scrolling of parent window. $('body').addClass('modal-open'); $('body').removeClass('modal-open')

Scrolling inside bootstrap modals on small screens (adapt to window viewport and avoid modal off screen).

  • max-height .modal-body Max-height for the modal body When height of the modal is too high for the window viewport height.
  • max-height .iframe Max-height for the iframe (Deducting the padding of the modal-body) When URL option is set and height of the iframe is higher than max-height of the modal body.

Fix iOS scrolling inside bootstrap modals

  • overflow-y .modal-body When max-height is set for modal-body

Specific hack for Bootstrap 2.3.x

◆ else

if (isset( $params[ 'url'])) else
Valeur initiale :
$script[] = " $('.modalTooltip').each(function(){;"
if(isset($params['backdrop'])) if(isset($params['keyboard'])) $script[]
Definition: main.php:85

◆ if

if(!isset($params['closeButton'])||isset($params['title'])|| $params['closeButton'])