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Référence de la classe FOFDownloadAdapterAbstract
+ Graphe d'héritage de FOFDownloadAdapterAbstract:

Fonctions membres publiques

 supportsChunkDownload ()
 supportsFileSize ()
 isSupported ()
 getPriority ()
 getName ()
 downloadAndReturn ($url, $from=null, $to=null, array $params=array())
 getFileSize ($url)

Champs de données

 $priority = 100
 $name = ''
 $isSupported = false
 $supportsChunkDownload = false
 $supportsFileSize = false

Description détaillée

Abstract base class for download adapters

Documentation des fonctions membres

◆ downloadAndReturn()

downloadAndReturn (   $url,
  $from = null,
  $to = null,
array  $params = array() 

Download a part (or the whole) of a remote URL and return the downloaded data. You are supposed to check the size of the returned data. If it's smaller than what you expected you've reached end of file. If it's empty you have tried reading past EOF. If it's larger than what you expected the server doesn't support chunk downloads.

If this class' supportsChunkDownload returns false you should assume that the $from and $to parameters will be ignored.

string$urlThe remote file's URL
integer$fromByte range to start downloading from. Use null for start of file.
integer$toByte range to stop downloading. Use null to download the entire file ($from is ignored)
array$paramsAdditional params that will be added before performing the download
string The raw file data retrieved from the remote URL.
ExceptionA generic exception is thrown on error

Implémente FOFDownloadInterface.

◆ getFileSize()

getFileSize (   $url)

Get the size of a remote file in bytes

string$urlThe remote file's URL
integer The file size, or -1 if the remote server doesn't support this feature

Implémente FOFDownloadInterface.

◆ getName()

getName ( )

Returns the name of this download adapter in use


Implémente FOFDownloadInterface.

Références $name.

◆ getPriority()

getPriority ( )

Get the priority of this adapter. If multiple download adapters are supported on a site, the one with the highest priority will be used.


Implémente FOFDownloadInterface.

◆ isSupported()

isSupported ( )

Is this download class supported in the current server environment?

boolean True if this server environment supports this download class

Implémente FOFDownloadInterface.

◆ supportsChunkDownload()

supportsChunkDownload ( )

Does this download adapter support downloading files in chunks?

boolean True if chunk download is supported

Implémente FOFDownloadInterface.

◆ supportsFileSize()

supportsFileSize ( )

Does this download adapter support reading the size of a remote file?

boolean True if remote file size determination is supported

Implémente FOFDownloadInterface.

Documentation des champs

◆ $isSupported

◆ $name

$name = ''

◆ $priority

$priority = 100

◆ $supportsChunkDownload

◆ $supportsFileSize

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