Joomla CMS  3.8.5 (avec JPlatform 13.1 inclus)
Documentation des API du CMS Joomla en version 3.8.5 et du framework Joomla Platform intégré
Référence du fichier administrator/index.php

Espaces de nommage



const JOOMLA_MINIMUM_PHP '5.3.10'
if(version_compare(PHP_VERSION, JOOMLA_MINIMUM_PHP, '<')) $startTime = microtime(1)
 $startMem = memory_get_usage()
const _JEXEC 1
if(file_exists(__DIR__ . '/defines.php')) if (!defined( '_JDEFINES'))
 $app = JFactory::getApplication('administrator')

Documentation des variables

◆ $app

$app = JFactory::getApplication('administrator')

◆ $startMem

$startMem = memory_get_usage()

Référencé par Profiler\setStart().

◆ $startTime

if (version_compare(PHP_VERSION, JOOMLA_MINIMUM_PHP, '<')) $startTime = microtime(1)


const _JEXEC 1

Constant that is checked in included files to prevent direct access. define() is used in the installation folder rather than "const" to not error for PHP 5.2 and lower

◆ if

if (file_exists(__DIR__ . '/defines.php')) if(!defined('_JDEFINES'))


const JOOMLA_MINIMUM_PHP '5.3.10'

Define the application's minimum supported PHP version as a constant so it can be referenced within the application.

Référencé par InstallationModelSetup\getPhpOptions().