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Référence de la classe LogEntry

Fonctions membres publiques

 __construct ($message, $priority=Log::INFO, $category='', $date=null, array $context=array())

Champs de données

 $priority = Log::INFO
 $callStack = array()

Attributs protégés


Description détaillée

Joomla! Log Entry class

This class is designed to hold log entries for either writing to an engine, or for supported engines, retrieving lists and building in memory (PHP based) search operations.


Documentation des constructeurs et destructeur

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $message,
  $priority = Log::INFO,
  $category = '',
  $date = null,
array  $context = array() 


string$messageThe message to log.
int$priorityMessage priority based on {$this->priorities}.
string$categoryType of entry
string$dateDate of entry (defaults to now if not specified or blank)
array$contextAn optional array with additional message context.
1.7.0 3.10.7 If the message contains a full path, the root path (JPATH_ROOT) is removed from it to avoid any full path disclosure. Before 3.10.7, the path was propagated as provided.

Références $category, $context, $date, $message, category, Log\INFO, et Path\removeRoot().

Documentation des champs

◆ $callStack

$callStack = array()

◆ $category

◆ $context


◆ $date


◆ $message


◆ $priorities


◆ $priority

$priority = Log::INFO

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