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Fonctions membres publiques

 getAssets ()

Description détaillée

Indicates that a DataCollector provides some assets

Documentation des fonctions membres

◆ getAssets()

getAssets ( )

Returns an array with the following keys:

  • base_path
  • base_url
  • css: an array of filenames
  • js: an array of filenames
  • inline_css: an array map of content ID to inline CSS content (not including <style> tag)
  • inline_js: an array map of content ID to inline JS content (not including <script> tag)
  • inline_head: an array map of content ID to arbitrary inline HTML content (typically <style>/<script> tags); it must be embedded within the <head> element

All keys are optional.

Ideally, you should store static assets in filenames that are returned via the normal css/js keys. However, the inline asset elements are useful when integrating with 3rd-party libraries that require static assets that are only available in an inline format.

The inline content arrays require special string array keys: the caller of this function will use them to deduplicate content. This is particularly useful if multiple instances of the same asset provider are used. Inline assets from all collectors are merged together into the same array, so these content IDs effectively deduplicate the inline assets.


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