Joomla CMS  4.2.2
Documentation des API du CMS Joomla en version 4.2.2
Référence de l'espace de nommage Psr\Log

Structures de données

class  AbstractLogger
class  InvalidArgumentException
interface  LoggerAwareInterface
interface  LoggerInterface
class  LogLevel
class  NullLogger


 setLogger (LoggerInterface $logger)


trait LoggerAwareTrait
trait LoggerTrait

Documentation des fonctions

◆ setLogger()

Psr\Log\setLogger ( LoggerInterface  $logger)

Sets a logger.


Référencé par PropelCollector\__construct(), et Task\__construct().

Documentation des variables

◆ LoggerAwareTrait

trait LoggerAwareTrait
Valeur initiale :
protected $logger

Basic Implementation of LoggerAwareInterface.

◆ LoggerTrait

trait LoggerTrait

This is a simple Logger trait that classes unable to extend AbstractLogger (because they extend another class, etc) can include.

It simply delegates all log-level-specific methods to the log method to reduce boilerplate code that a simple Logger that does the same thing with messages regardless of the error level has to implement.