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Référence de la classe Response
+ Graphe d'héritage de Response:

Fonctions membres publiques

 __construct (int $status=200, array $headers=[], $body=null, string $version='1.1', string $reason=null)
 getStatusCode ()
 getReasonPhrase ()
 withStatus ($code, $reasonPhrase='')
- Fonctions membres publiques hérités de MessageInterface
 getProtocolVersion ()
 withProtocolVersion ($version)
 getHeaders ()
 hasHeader ($name)
 getHeader ($name)
 getHeaderLine ($name)
 withHeader ($name, $value)
 withAddedHeader ($name, $value)
 withoutHeader ($name)
 getBody ()
 withBody (StreamInterface $body)

Attributs privés

 $reasonPhrase = ''

Description détaillée

Michael Dowling and contributors to guzzlehttp/psr7
Tobias Nyholm
Martijn van der Ven

This class should never be extended. See

Documentation des constructeurs et destructeur

◆ __construct()

__construct ( int  $status = 200,
array  $headers = [],
  $body = null,
string  $version = '1.1',
string  $reason = null 
int$statusStatus code
array$headersResponse headers
string | resource | StreamInterface | null$bodyResponse body
string$versionProtocol version
string | null$reasonReason phrase (when empty a default will be used based on the status code)

Références $version, Stream\create(), null, et Nyholm\Psr7\setHeaders().

Documentation des fonctions membres

◆ getReasonPhrase()

getReasonPhrase ( )

Gets the response reason phrase associated with the status code.

Because a reason phrase is not a required element in a response status line, the reason phrase value MAY be null. Implementations MAY choose to return the default RFC 7231 recommended reason phrase (or those listed in the IANA HTTP Status Code Registry) for the response's status code. string Reason phrase; must return an empty string if none present.

Implémente ResponseInterface.

Références Response\$reasonPhrase.

◆ getStatusCode()

getStatusCode ( )

Gets the response status code.

The status code is a 3-digit integer result code of the server's attempt to understand and satisfy the request.

int Status code.

Implémente ResponseInterface.

Références Response\$statusCode.

◆ withStatus()

withStatus (   $code,
  $reasonPhrase = '' 

Return an instance with the specified status code and, optionally, reason phrase.

If no reason phrase is specified, implementations MAY choose to default to the RFC 7231 or IANA recommended reason phrase for the response's status code.

This method MUST be implemented in such a way as to retain the immutability of the message, and MUST return an instance that has the updated status and reason phrase. int $code The 3-digit integer result code to set. string $reasonPhrase The reason phrase to use with the provided status code; if none is provided, implementations MAY use the defaults as suggested in the HTTP specification. static For invalid status code arguments.

Implémente ResponseInterface.

Références Response\$reasonPhrase, $this, et null.

Documentation des champs

◆ $reasonPhrase

$reasonPhrase = ''

◆ $statusCode


Référencé par Response\getStatusCode().


Valeur initiale :
= [
100 => 'Continue'

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