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Référence de l'interface ResponseInterface
+ Graphe d'héritage de ResponseInterface:

Fonctions membres publiques

 getStatusCode ()
 withStatus ($code, $reasonPhrase='')
 getReasonPhrase ()
- Fonctions membres publiques hérités de MessageInterface
 getProtocolVersion ()
 withProtocolVersion ($version)
 getHeaders ()
 hasHeader ($name)
 getHeader ($name)
 getHeaderLine ($name)
 withHeader ($name, $value)
 withAddedHeader ($name, $value)
 withoutHeader ($name)
 getBody ()
 withBody (StreamInterface $body)

Description détaillée

Representation of an outgoing, server-side response.

Per the HTTP specification, this interface includes properties for each of the following:

  • Protocol version
  • Status code and reason phrase
  • Headers
  • Message body

Responses are considered immutable; all methods that might change state MUST be implemented such that they retain the internal state of the current message and return an instance that contains the changed state.

Documentation des fonctions membres

◆ getReasonPhrase()

getReasonPhrase ( )

Gets the response reason phrase associated with the status code.

Because a reason phrase is not a required element in a response status line, the reason phrase value MAY be null. Implementations MAY choose to return the default RFC 7231 recommended reason phrase (or those listed in the IANA HTTP Status Code Registry) for the response's status code. string Reason phrase; must return an empty string if none present.

Implémenté dans Response, et Response.

Référencé par ArraySerializer\toArray(), et Serializer\toString().

◆ getStatusCode()

getStatusCode ( )

Gets the response status code.

The status code is a 3-digit integer result code of the server's attempt to understand and satisfy the request.

int Status code.

Implémenté dans Response, et Response.

Référencé par AndroidSafetyNetAttestationStatementSupport\checkGoogleApiResponse(), InfoCollector\getResponseInfo(), ArraySerializer\toArray(), et Serializer\toString().

◆ withStatus()

withStatus (   $code,
  $reasonPhrase = '' 

Return an instance with the specified status code and, optionally, reason phrase.

If no reason phrase is specified, implementations MAY choose to default to the RFC 7231 or IANA recommended reason phrase for the response's status code.

This method MUST be implemented in such a way as to retain the immutability of the message, and MUST return an instance that has the updated status and reason phrase. int $code The 3-digit integer result code to set. string $reasonPhrase The reason phrase to use with the provided status code; if none is provided, implementations MAY use the defaults as suggested in the HTTP specification. static For invalid status code arguments.

Implémenté dans Response, et Response.

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