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Référence de la classe JSchemaChangeitemsqlsrv
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Fonctions membres protégées

 buildCheckQuery ()

Fonctions membres privées

 fixInteger ($type1, $type2)
 fixQuote ($string)

Additional Inherited Members

- Fonctions membres publiques inherited from JSchemaChangeitem
 __construct ($db, $file, $updateQuery)
 check ()
 fix ()
- Fonctions membres publiques inherited from JObject
 __construct ($properties=null)
 __toString ()
 def ($property, $default=null)
 get ($property, $default=null)
 getProperties ($public=true)
 getError ($i=null, $toString=true)
 getErrors ()
 set ($property, $value=null)
 setProperties ($properties)
 setError ($error)
 toString ()
- Fonctions membres publiques statiques inherited from JSchemaChangeitem
static getInstance ($db, $file, $query)
- Attributs publics inherited from JSchemaChangeitem
 $file = null
 $updateQuery = null
 $checkQuery = null
 $checkQueryExpected = 1
 $db = null
 $queryType = null
 $msgElements = array()
 $checkStatus = 0
 $rerunStatus = 0

Documentation des fonctions membres

JSchemaChangeitemsqlsrv::buildCheckQuery ( )

Checks a DDL query to see if it is a known type If yes, build a check query to see if the DDL has been run on the database. If successful, the $msgElements, $queryType, $checkStatus and $checkQuery fields are populated. The $msgElements contains the text to create the user message. The $checkQuery contains the SQL query to check whether the schema change has been run against the current database. The $queryType contains the type of DDL query that was run (for example, CREATE_TABLE, ADD_COLUMN, CHANGE_COLUMN_TYPE, ADD_INDEX). The $checkStatus field is set to zero if the query is created

If not successful, $checkQuery is empty and , and $checkStatus is -1. For example, this will happen if the current line is a non-DDL statement.


Références $type, elseif, et null.

JSchemaChangeitemsqlsrv::fixInteger (   $type1,

Fix up integer. Fixes problem with MySQL integer descriptions. If you change a column to "integer unsigned" it shows as "int(10) unsigned" in the check query.

string$type1the column type
string$type2the column attributes
string The original or changed column type.
JSchemaChangeitemsqlsrv::fixQuote (   $string)

Fixes up a string for inclusion in a query. Replaces name quote character with normal quote for literal. Drops trailing semi-colon. Injects the database prefix.

string$stringThe input string to be cleaned up.
string The modified string.

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