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Fonctions membres publiques

 onContentSearchAreas ()
 onContentSearch ($text, $phrase='', $ordering='', $areas=null)
- Fonctions membres publiques inherited from JPlugin
 __construct (&$subject, $config=array())
 loadLanguage ($extension= '', $basePath=JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR)
- Fonctions membres publiques inherited from JEvent
 __construct (&$subject)
 update (&$args)
- Fonctions membres publiques inherited from JObject
 __construct ($properties=null)
 __toString ()
 def ($property, $default=null)
 get ($property, $default=null)
 getProperties ($public=true)
 getError ($i=null, $toString=true)
 getErrors ()
 set ($property, $value=null)
 setProperties ($properties)
 setError ($error)
 toString ()

Additional Inherited Members

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 $params = null
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 $_name = null
 $_type = null
- Attributs protégés inherited from JEvent
 $_subject = null
- Attributs protégés inherited from JObject
 $_errors = array()

Documentation des fonctions membres

plgSearchContent::onContentSearch (   $text,
  $phrase = '',
  $ordering = '',
  $areas = null 

Content Search method The sql must return the following fields that are used in a common display routine: href, title, section, created, text, browsernav

stringTarget search string
stringmathcing option, exact|any|all
stringordering option, newest|oldest|popular|alpha|category
mixedAn array if the search it to be restricted to areas, null if search all

Références $app, $date, $db, $item, $key, $limit, $list, $ordering, $query, $row, $tag, $text, $user, JRoute\_(), JText\_(), JFactory\getApplication(), ContentHelperRoute\getArticleRoute(), JFactory\getDate(), JFactory\getDbo(), JFactory\getLanguage(), JFactory\getUser(), JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR, et JPATH_SITE.

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plgSearchContent::onContentSearchAreas ( )
array An array of search areas

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