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Référence de la classe UsersTableNote
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Fonctions membres publiques

 __construct (&$db)
 store ($updateNulls=false)
 publish ($pks=null, $state=1, $userId=0)
- Fonctions membres publiques inherited from JTable
 __construct ($table, $key, &$db)
 getFields ()
 getTableName ()
 getKeyName ()
 getDbo ()
 setDBO (&$db)
 setRules ($input)
 getRules ()
 reset ()
 bind ($src, $ignore=array())
 load ($keys=null, $reset=true)
 check ()
 save ($src, $orderingFilter= '', $ignore= '')
 delete ($pk=null)
 checkOut ($userId, $pk=null)
 checkIn ($pk=null)
 hit ($pk=null)
 isCheckedOut ($with=0, $against=null)
 getNextOrder ($where= '')
 reorder ($where= '')
 move ($delta, $where= '')
 canDelete ($pk=null, $joins=null)
 toXML ($mapKeysToText=false)
- Fonctions membres publiques inherited from JObject
 __construct ($properties=null)
 __toString ()
 def ($property, $default=null)
 get ($property, $default=null)
 getProperties ($public=true)
 getError ($i=null, $toString=true)
 getErrors ()
 set ($property, $value=null)
 setProperties ($properties)
 setError ($error)
 toString ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Fonctions membres publiques statiques inherited from JTable
static getInstance ($type, $prefix= 'JTable', $config=array())
static addIncludePath ($path=null)
- Fonctions membres protégées inherited from JTable
 _getAssetName ()
 _getAssetTitle ()
 _getAssetParentId ($table=null, $id=null)
 _lock ()
 _unlock ()
- Attributs protégés inherited from JTable
 $_tbl = ''
 $_tbl_key = ''
 $_trackAssets = false
 $_locked = false
- Attributs protégés inherited from JObject
 $_errors = array()

Documentation des constructeurs et destructeur

UsersTableNote::__construct ( $db)


JDatabase&$dbDatabase object

Références $db.

Documentation des fonctions membres

UsersTableNote::publish (   $pks = null,
  $state = 1,
  $userId = 0 

Method to set the publishing state for a row or list of rows in the database table. The method respects checked out rows by other users and will attempt to check-in rows that it can after adjustments are made.

mixed$pksAn optional array of primary key values to update. If not set the instance property value is used.
integer$stateThe publishing state. eg. [0 = unpublished, 1 = published]
integer$userIdThe user id of the user performing the operation.
boolean True on success.


Réimplémentée à partir de JTable.

Références $query, $state, $userId, JText\_(), et JArrayHelper\toInteger().

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UsersTableNote::store (   $updateNulls = false)

Overloaded store method for the notes table.

boolean$updateNullsToggle whether null values should be updated.
boolean True on success, false on failure.

Réimplémentée à partir de JTable.

Références $date, $userId, JFactory\getDate(), et JFactory\getUser().

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