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Need both fetcher types so we can use the right one based on the presence or absence of CURL. Need this for parsing HTML (looking for META tags). Need this to parse the XRDS document during Yadis discovery. XRDS (yadis) content type

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Documentation des fonctions

Auth_Yadis_getServiceEndpoints ( input_url,
discover_func = null,
fetcher = null 

Perform the Yadis protocol on the input URL and return an iterable of resulting endpoint objects.

input_url: The URL on which to perform the Yadis protocol

: The normalized identity URL and an iterable of endpoint objects generated by the filter function.

xrds_parse_func: a callback which will take (uri, xrds_text) and return an array of service endpoint objects or null. Usually array('Auth_OpenID_ServiceEndpoint', 'fromXRDS').

discover_func: if not null, a callback which should take (uri) and return an Auth_Yadis_Yadis object or null.