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Documentation du type de l'énumération

Documentation des fonctions

Auth_OpenID_checkFieldName ( field_name)

Check to see that the given value is a valid simple registration data field name. Return true if so, false if not.

Références $Auth_OpenID_sreg_data_fields.

Référencé par Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse::get(), et Auth_OpenID_SRegRequest::requestField().

Voici le graphe d'appel pour cette fonction :

Auth_OpenID_supportsSReg ( &$  endpoint)

Does the given endpoint advertise support for simple registration?

$endpoint: The endpoint object as returned by OpenID discovery. returns whether an sreg type was advertised by the endpoint

Documentation des variables

Valeur initiale :
                                      'fullname' => 'Full Name',
                                      'nickname' => 'Nickname',
                                      'dob' => 'Date of Birth',
                                      'email' => 'E-mail Address',
                                      'gender' => 'Gender',
                                      'postcode' => 'Postal Code',
                                      'country' => 'Country',
                                      'language' => 'Language',
                                      'timezone' => 'Time Zone')

Import message and extension internals.

Référencé par Auth_OpenID_checkFieldName(), et Auth_OpenID_SRegResponse::fromSuccessResponse().