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Require utility classes and functions for the consumer.

Documentation des fonctions

Auth_OpenID_AX_checkAlias ( alias)

Check an alias for invalid characters; raise AXError if any are found. Return None if the alias is valid.

Auth_OpenID_AX_toTypeURIs ( &$  namespace_map,

Given a namespace mapping and a string containing a comma-separated list of namespace aliases, return a list of type URIs that correspond to those aliases.

$namespace_mapThe mapping from namespace URI to alias
$alias_list_sThe string containing the comma-separated list of aliases. May also be None for convenience.
$seq The list of namespace URIs that corresponds to the supplied list of aliases. If the string was zero-length or None, an empty list will be returned.

return null If an alias is present in the list of aliases but is not present in the namespace map.