API Joomla 1.5.26
Documentation des API du CMS Joomla en version 1.5

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Espaces de nommage



Documentation du type de l'énumération

DOM error: attempt to instantiate abstract class

DOM error: attempt to call abstract method

DOM Attr nodeType

DOM CDATA Section nodeType

DOM Comment nodeType

DOM error: can't perform this action on or with Document Fragment

DOM Document Fragment nodeType

DOM Document nodeType

DOM DocType nodeType

DOM error: text doesn't fit into a DOMString

DOM Element nodeType

DOM Entity nodeType

DOM Entity Reference nodeType

DOM error: node can't be inserted at this location

DOM error: array index out of bounds

DOM error: attribute currently in use elsewhere

DOM error: operation unsupported by underlying object

DOM error: invalid character specified

DOM error: can't modify underlying type of node

DOM error: attempt made to use an object that is no longer usable

DOM error: attempt to change node in a way incompatible with namespaces

DOM error: data can't be added to current node

DOM error: node is read-only

DOM error: node can't be found in specified context

DOM error: operation not supported by current implementation

DOM Notation nodeType

continue on error

die on error

DOM Processing Instruction nodeType

DOM error: invalid or illegal string specified

DOM Text nodeType

DOM error: node not a child of target document

Documentation des variables

$GLOBALS['uidFactory'] = new UIDGenerator()

Object Instance of the UIDGenerator class

$GLOBALS['DOMIT_DOMException_log'] = null

string Log file for errors


int Error mode; specifies whether to die on error or simply return

$GLOBALS['DOMIT_DOMException_errorHandler'] = null

object Reference to custom error handler for DOMException class