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Documentation du type de l'énumération

error definition: callback function does not exist.

error definition: illegal error handling mode.

error definition: illegal options.

Documentation des variables

Valeur initiale :
                                                                                        E_NOTICE        => array( 'mode' => 'echo' ),
                                                                                        E_WARNING       => array( 'mode' => 'echo' ),
                                                                                        E_ERROR         => array( 'mode' => 'die' )

global definitions needed to keep track of things when calling the patErrorManager static methods.

$GLOBALS['_pat_errorExpects'] = array()

expects errors Store error-codes that will be ignored once

$GLOBALS['_pat_errorIgnores'] = array()

ignore errors Store error-codes that will be ignored forever

$GLOBALS['_pat_errorClass'] = 'patError'

error class names Stored in a variable allows to change during runtime

Valeur initiale :
                                                                                        E_NOTICE        => 'Notice',
                                                                                        E_WARNING       => 'Warning',
                                                                                        E_ERROR         => 'Error'

available error levels Stored in a variable to keep them flexible