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A Provider Authentication Policy request, sent from a relying party to a provider

preferred_auth_policies: The authentication policies that the relying party prefers

max_auth_age: The maximum time, in seconds, that the relying party wants to allow to have elapsed before the user must re-authenticate

Documentation des fonctions membres

Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::addPolicyURI ( policy_uri)

Add an acceptable authentication policy URI to this request

This method is intended to be used by the relying party to add acceptable authentication types to the request.

policy_uri: The identifier for the preferred type of authentication.

Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request ( preferred_auth_policies = null,
max_auth_age = null 
Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::fromOpenIDRequest ( request)

Instantiate a Request object from the arguments in a checkid_* OpenID message

Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::getExtensionArgs ( )

Get the string arguments that should be added to an OpenID message for this extension.

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_Extension.

Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::parseExtensionArgs ( args)

Set the state of this request to be that expressed in these PAPE arguments

args,:The PAPE arguments without a namespace
Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::preferredTypes ( supported_types)

Given a list of authentication policy URIs that a provider supports, this method returns the subsequence of those types that are preferred by the relying party.

supported_types,:A sequence of authentication policy type URIs that are supported by a provider
array The sub-sequence of the supported types that are preferred by the relying party. This list will be ordered in the order that the types appear in the supported_types sequence, and may be empty if the provider does not prefer any of the supported authentication types.

Documentation des données membres

Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::$ns_alias = 'pape'

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_Extension.

Auth_OpenID_PAPE_Request::$ns_uri = Auth_OpenID_PAPE_NS_URI

ns_uri: The namespace to which to add the arguments for this extension

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_Extension.

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