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AtomCreator03 is a FeedCreator that implements the atom specification, as in http://www.intertwingly.net/wiki/pie/FrontPage. Please note that just by using AtomCreator03 you won't automatically produce valid atom files. For example, you have to specify either an editor for the feed or an author for every single feed item.

Some elements have not been implemented yet. These are (incomplete list): author URL, item author's email and URL, item contents, alternate links, other link content types than text/html. Some of them may be created with AtomCreator03::additionalElements.

Voir également:
Kai Blankenhorn <kaib@bitfolge.de>, Scott Reynen <scott@randomchaos.com>

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AtomCreator03::AtomCreator03 ( )
AtomCreator03::createFeed ( )

Builds the feed's text.

string the feed's complete text

Réimplémentée à partir de FeedCreator.

Références $feed, $i, $now, FeedCreator::_createAdditionalElements(), FeedCreator::_createGeneratorComment(), FeedCreator::_createStylesheetReferences(), et items.

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