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Auth_OpenID_DumbStore::Auth_OpenID_DumbStore ( secret_phrase)

Creates a new Auth_OpenID_DumbStore instance. For the security of the tokens generated by the library, this class attempts to at least have a secure implementation of getAuthKey.

When you create an instance of this class, pass in a secret phrase. The phrase is hashed with sha1 to make it the correct length and form for an auth key. That allows you to use a long string as the secret phrase, which means you can make it very difficult to guess.

Each Auth_OpenID_DumbStore instance that is created for use by your consumer site needs to use the same $secret_phrase.

stringsecret_phrase The phrase used to create the auth key returned by getAuthKey

Références Auth_OpenID_SHA1().

Voici le graphe d'appel pour cette fonction :

Auth_OpenID_DumbStore::getAssociation ( server_url,
handle = null 

This implementation always returns null.

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_OpenIDStore.

Auth_OpenID_DumbStore::getAuthKey ( )

This method returns the auth key generated by the constructor.

Auth_OpenID_DumbStore::removeAssociation ( server_url,

This implementation always returns false.

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_OpenIDStore.

Auth_OpenID_DumbStore::storeAssociation ( server_url,

This implementation does nothing.

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_OpenIDStore.

Auth_OpenID_DumbStore::useNonce ( server_url,

In a system truly limited to dumb mode, nonces must all be accepted. This therefore always returns true, which makes replay attacks feasible.

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_OpenIDStore.

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