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Auth_OpenID_CryptUtil::getBytes ( num_bytes)

Get the specified number of random bytes.

Attempts to use a cryptographically secure (not predictable) source of randomness if available. If there is no high-entropy randomness source available, it will fail. As a last resort, for non-critical systems, define Auth_OpenID_RAND_SOURCE as null, and the code will fall back on a pseudo-random number generator.

int$num_bytesThe length of the return value
string $bytes random bytes

Références $i.

Référencé par Auth_OpenID_Signatory::createAssociation(), Auth_OpenID_MathLibrary::rand(), et randomString().

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Auth_OpenID_CryptUtil::randomString ( length,
population = null 

Produce a string of length random bytes, chosen from chrs. If $chrs is null, the resulting string may contain any characters.

integer$lengthThe length of the resulting randomly-generated string
string$chrsA string of characters from which to choose to build the new string
string $result A string of randomly-chosen characters from $chrs

Références $i, $n, et getBytes().

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