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Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::add ( attribute)

Add an attribute to this attribute exchange request.

attribute,:The attribute that is being requested
true on success, false when the requested attribute is already present in this fetch request.
Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest ( update_url = null)

requested_attributes: The attributes that have been requested thus far, indexed by the type URI.

update_url: A URL that will accept responses for this attribute exchange request, even in the absence of the user who made this request.

Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::contains ( type_uri)

Is the given type URI present in this fetch_request?

& Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::fromOpenIDRequest ( request)

Extract a FetchRequest from an OpenID message

request,:The OpenID request containing the attribute fetch request
mixed An Auth_OpenID_AX_Error or the Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest extracted from the request message if successful
Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::getExtensionArgs ( )

Get the serialized form of this attribute fetch request.

Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest The fetch request message parameters

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_Extension.

Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::getRequiredAttrs ( )

Get the type URIs for all attributes that have been marked as required.

A list of the type URIs for attributes that have been marked as required.
Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::iterAttrs ( )

Iterate over the AttrInfo objects that are contained in this fetch_request.

Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::iterTypes ( )
Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::parseExtensionArgs ( ax_args)

Given attribute exchange arguments, populate this FetchRequest.

$result Auth_OpenID_AX_Error if the data to be parsed does not follow the attribute exchange specification. At least when 'if_available' or 'required' is not specified for a particular attribute type. Returns true otherwise.

Documentation des données membres

Auth_OpenID_AX_FetchRequest::$mode = 'fetch_request'

mode: The type of this attribute exchange message. This must be overridden in subclasses.

Réimplémentée à partir de Auth_OpenID_AX_Message.

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