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xmlrpcresp::cookies ( )

Returns an array with the cookies received from the server. Array has the form: $cookiename => array ('value' => $val, $attr1 => $val1, $attr2 = $val2, ...) with attributes being e.g. 'expires', 'path', domain'. NB: cookies sent as 'expired' by the server (i.e. with an expiry date in the past) are still present in the array. It is up to the user-defined code to decide how to use the received cookies, and wheter they have to be sent back with the next request to the server (using xmlrpc_client::setCookie) or not

array array of cookies received from the server public
xmlrpcresp::faultCode ( )

Returns the error code of the response.

integer the error code of this response (0 for not-error responses) public
xmlrpcresp::faultString ( )

Returns the error code of the response.

string the error string of this response ('' for not-error responses) public
xmlrpcresp::serialize ( charset_encoding = '')

Returns xml representation of the response. XML prologue not included

string$charset_encodingthe charset to be used for serialization. if null, US-ASCII is assumed
string the xml representation of the response public

Références $GLOBALS.

xmlrpcresp::value ( )

Returns the value received by the server.

mixed the xmlrpcval object returned by the server. Might be an xml string or php value if the response has been created by specially configured xmlrpc_client objects public
xmlrpcresp::xmlrpcresp ( val,
fcode = 0,
fstr = '',
valtyp = '' 
mixed$valeither an xmlrpcval obj, a php value or the xml serialization of an xmlrpcval (a string)
integer$fcodeset it to anything but 0 to create an error response
string$fstrthe error string, in case of an error response
string$valtypeither 'xmlrpcvals', 'phpvals' or 'xml'

Références $val, et $valtyp.

Documentation des données membres

xmlrpcresp::$_cookies = array()
xmlrpcresp::$content_type = 'text/xml'
xmlrpcresp::$errno = 0
xmlrpcresp::$errstr = ''
xmlrpcresp::$hdrs = array()
xmlrpcresp::$raw_data = ''
xmlrpcresp::$val = 0

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Référencé par xmlrpcresp().

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